The Digital FuturePrint

We assess cultural shifts, emerging technology, trends in consumer behavior, data across many industries and changes in the market to develop near-term strategy plans for our clients. Clients use this actionable plan to make smarter, practical decisions that will ensure an organization's growth in the face of disruption. Learn more...




Webbmedia Group is a digital strategy agency that focuses on near-term emerging technology trends. We’re digital media futurists, interpreting changes in the tech and media ecosystems on behalf of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, large nonprofits and foundations, universities and government agencies worldwide.

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We usher organizations through digital transformations by providing cutting-edge ideas, thought leadership, creative strategic plans, workshops and original problem solving. Our core service is our Digital FuturePrint. Our clients include Fortune 50, Fortune 100 and Global 500 companies and many others: 

  • Time Inc
  • American Express
  • City of Chicago
  • American Public Media
  • Columbia University

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We work to ensure internal capability development (through ongoing advising and training) as well as external capabilities assessment (recommending and evaluating potential vendors and partners). Our sister company, Knowledgewebb, offers tactical training on subjects that are strategically aligned with our clients’ needs.

We also maintain several public calendars and lists: