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The Digital FuturePrint

Webbmedia Group is a leading digital strategy consulting firm for media, entertainment, financial services and technology companies, advertising and marketing firms, higher education, nonprofits and government.  We research near-future trends in digital media and technology, and we develop business strategies to help our clients engage bigger audiences and capture more market share.

What we do

We assess cultural shifts, emerging technology, trends in consumer behavior, data across many industries and changes in the market to develop near-term strategy plans for our clients. Clients use this actionable plan to make smarter, practical decisions that will ensure an organization’s growth in the face of disruption.

Trends Forecasting
+ Digital Strategy

The FuturePrint is the primary trendspotting framework we use with Webbmedia Group clients, and it helps us analyze consumer behavior, microeconomic trends, government policies, market forces and emerging research against the continually iterating backdrop of digital media and technology.

Often, the most important trends arise from seemingly unconnected dots. The FuturePrint helps us process the patterns we observe, helping us connect the dots as we create essential future business strategies for our clients. We use it to develop new ways to gain and engage audience, to stop the erosion of marketshare, and to pivot entirely if an emerging technology stands to wipe out a longstanding business.

Pop-Up Think Tanks

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to push through a challenge or to help imagine the future. We draw upon Webbmedia Group’s extensive professional network to convene pop-up think tanks on behalf of our clients. Using our unique convening framework, we bring together your staff with experts from outside your industry for fresh perspective and insights. Pop-up think tanks can be held separately or in conjunction with our quarterly tech trends advising sessions, and we host them on behalf of clients all over the world.