Digital & Innovation Strategy

Webbmedia Group offers three primary strategy services and options.

Our core product: The FuturePrint

Our core product is the Digital FuturePrint. Rather than focusing on immediate changes in the marketplace or what might happen in another 30 years, Webbmedia Group focuses on reshaping an organization for disruptive tech trends in the next 2 - 5 years. Looking ahead to the near-term allows an organization to make practical, strategic decisions today while planning for the future. Our Future Prints fall into one of two categories:

  • Single Initiative: Forward-thinking digital strategy for a single process, product or initiative. Examples: E-commerce strategy for a big box retailer; consumer data productization for a content-driven website.
  • Organization Initiative: Holistic near-term digital strategy for a segment or an entire corporation/ organization Examples: Creating a website, mobile and knowledge management strategy for an entire membership organization's digital assets; advising a news organization on its digital content strategy.

This process begins with deep research and a series of on-site ideation sessions with the client. We assess cultural shifts, emerging technology, trends in consumer behavior, data across many industries and changes in the market to develop near-term strategy plans for our clients. Clients use this actionable plan to make meaningful changes and overtake their competition, find and engage new audiences and ensure growth in the face of disruption. We help stakeholders define goals, assess digital projects/ products, create strategic digital plans and catalyze innovation within an organization. The centerpiece of this work is problem solving.

Our Digital FuturePrints are comprehensive plans with immediate and iterative actionable steps. FuturePrints typically deliver:

  • A strategic digital plan, with key performance indicators, benchmarks and goals
  • A timeline and action plan
  • Case studies illustrating the FuturePrint's key points
  • A competitive analysis showing your company compared to others
  • A likely budget for implementation
  • A list of innovative ideas and experiments to try
  • Recommendations for best practices and ways to achieve your goals.

Creating a FuturePrint ranges from a few weeks to a few months. Work is done on-site with you and off-site in your community and in Webbmedia’s offices.

Our additional offerings:

Ideation: The beginning of most Webbmedia Group projects begins with structured game play. We offer an innovative, highly personalized alternative to traditional ideation. Working with a client's key stakeholders and a few creative outsiders, we typically complete five highly engaging, fun activities in order to surface important strategic insights and direction. Ideation can be facilitated on-site, or at an alternate venue, such as a museum or bar. Our process encourages critical thinking...along with lots of laughter and competitive doodling.

In addition to our FuturePrint, we offer Ideation and meeting facilitation as a stand-alone engagement. We can facilitate a day of ideation within your company, or ideation for conferences/ other groups.
At the end of our work together, your team will have a minimum of five new project ideas to pursue, each one solving the challenge we outlined at the start of the session. 


Tech Trends Advising: The root of our consulting work is in digital trendspotting and forecasting. We’ve found that outside of our strategy projects, our clients are highly motivated to stay ahead of marketplace disruptions – or simply to know about the most exciting upcoming changes to the digital ecosystem.

We also offer a stand-alone trends advising service. We meet with key staff to deliver a 1 - 3 hour presentation showcasing all of the emerging web/ mobile/ tablet/ social technology and strategies that will matter most to that company or industry specifically. We offer case studies and intelligence on competitors. Our trends advising helps clients stay ahead of the eight ball, continuously innovating, partnering with or acquiring the best outside startups and launching initiatives that prove they are unquestionably the leaders in their market. Tech Trend Advising sessions are offered either quarterly or biannually.