Bespoke Experiences and Professional Events

As part of our ideation work, we offer bespoke events and professional experiences. We host a number of personalized events for our clients as well as a few gatherings throughout the year, where we bring together small groups of brilliant thinkers and challenge them to work collectively on solving industry or professional problems.

Bespoke Events

We've developed a proven methodology that produces truly amazing, memorable professional events. From large conferences to small executive gatherings, we're able to bring more visibility, a strong sense of community, a social amplification system and, if required, a longer-term, sustainable strategy plan. We always offer hyper-creative, signature components - experiences that enforce your mission and make people feel excited – and grateful – for having participated. We'll create a highly personalized, innovative event blueprint for your organization, one that can be executed by your events planning team.

Clients include:

  • Large professional/ industry conferences
  • Corporate boards
  • Corporporate HR and professional development departments
  • Universities
  • Foundations



Professional Experiences

Webbmedia Group produces invitation-only events throughout the year on behalf of clients and also when we see interesting opportunities to help our friends connect and conspire. Most of these events are in-person, though we occasionally host virtual gatherings. For more information, click here to learn about our Big Idea Buffets.