Webbmedia Group is committed to conducting business ethically and to exceed the highest standards of good business practices. We will:

  • Observe and adhere to all laws both in the U.S. and when working overseas. This shall include the observation of local customs abroad (dress code, alcohol consumption and the like), when required.
  • Observe and adhere to all tax laws, laws and regulations governing finance, and financial reporting requirements both in the U.S. and when working overseas.
  • Observe copyright laws and prevent against plagiarism.
  • Provide detailed and clear communication with our clients in regards to our scheduling, billing and expectation of deliverables/ scope of work.
  • Abide by fair practice in hiring regulations in the U.S. and, when applicable, abroad.

Our entire team observes the following disclosure policies:

  • Webbmedia Group will not recommend a product, service or other business unless we’ve used it extensively ourselves and have had discussions with the company.
  • Webbmedia Group receives no financial or other benefit from recommendations or connections we make. We won’t even accept a fruit basket as a thanks for introducing your company to one of our clients or vice versa.
  • Several of Webbmedia Group’s team members serve on industry boards. Please see our bio pages for detailed information.
  • Much of the work Webbmedia Group does is under strict NDA. As a result, we are unable to disclose many of our clients and our projects together. A list of clients/ projects we can discuss publicly is available on our clients page.
  • Webbmedia Group team members may, individually and without the oversight of our company, invest in various funds, fund-of-funds, IPOs, markets or directly in companies. Our team members will always disclose any financial interest they have in a company that they recommend or discuss publicly. 

Webbmedia Group will not accept new clients who pose competition (direct or indirect) to an existing clients. Current clients take priority over any new relationships we pursue and will be notified before entering into any new contract which may constitute a conflict of interest.

Overseas travel and work policy:
Webbmedia Group team members often travel outside of the U.S. to speak at industry events and to meet with various groups. We will respect local traditions and customs and will do our best to provide ample interpreter content when required. We will observe and abide by local dress codes, language codes and codes of conduct.

Social media policy:
Webbmedia Group encourages our team to experiment with and to use social media, as these networks have proved an indispensable part of our modern information landscape. We ensure that our team understands the benefits and risks associated with posting to networks. We also make clear our official viewpoints on posting as a member of the Webbmedia Group team.

  • We ask that Webbmedia Group team members use sound judgment when posting, and to remember that most people will view their professional and personal social media activities as one and the same. No social network is totally private.
  • We ask Webbmedia Group team members to refrain from posting on behalf of our company or acting in an official capacity without clearing it with us first. Similarly, we ask that our team members not post any information about Webbmedia Group clients or projects we’re working on without approval first.
  • Webbmedia Group team members should not plagiarize or abuse any copyrights. Any and all content used from another source must be done so with proper attribution.

Space and time disallow us from defining what, exactly, constitutes “common sense.” We ask that our team members use their very best judgments, and to remember that anything posted can be a direct reflection of our brand, our mission, our ethics, our editorial voice and of the individuals working for/ on behalf of Webbmedia Group. We ask that team members speak respectfully and thoughtfully, and to avoid any circumstance which might unravel the very hard work we’ve spent building Webbmedia Group’s the exceptional reputation -- online and off -- during the past six years of our operation.