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This is how we help clients see the future.

Framework + strategy

The FuturePrint Trendspotting Framework is a tool we use with Webbmedia Group clients. It helps us analyze consumer behavior, microeconomic trends, government policies, market forces and emerging research within the context of the continually evolving tech and digital media ecosystem. We look for patterns and attributes that help us to identify a set of likely trends on the horizon.

 Our FuturePrint helps reveal near-future scenarios so that our clients can develop creative ideas to overcome current challenges or problems that will be caused by what’s to come. This might include:

      • Developing an organization’s 5-year strategic digital plan
      • New thought leadership on gaining and engaging audience
      • Creating a digital strategy to stop the erosion of marketshare
      • Recalibration of a project or business in light of emerging technologies
      • Development of a new project to harness emerging technologies

Our FuturePrint also includes a series of challenges. We evaluate each trend using a series of questions to determine whether or not the trend we’ve identified will stick. As an additional check, we build future scenarios for those trends using a methodology we developed to identify the characteristics of continuing innovation.

The final step of the FuturePrint is what we call the F.U.T.U.R.E. test, and it pressure-tests any ideas borne out of the trends we identify.

The FuturePrint has been eerily accurate time and time again. For example, it successfully predicted the rise of public messaging networks, like Twitter. Because the FuturePrint also demands an anti-scenario, it predicted the rise of private and anonymous social networks, like Secret and Whisper.