Open Training @ NPC
Mapping and Data For Journalists

Are you fascinated by amazing data and mapping projects you see from the New York Times and WNYC? In this session, you'll learn what kinds of data are available to journalists – and then get some intensive hands-on practice creating mapping projects that can be replicated at your organization. This session will include a primer on free mapping tools and platforms that enable content producers to create incredibly detailed, interactive maps.

This session is being taught by NYC-based John Keefe, an award-winning journalist and the Senior Editor for Data News & Journalism Technology at WNYC, New York Public Radio. Keefe infuses WNYC's journalism with data reporting and interactive news applications, including census analysis, map mashups, news charts and SMS-based crowdsourcing projects. John is going to show you how he built some of his recent projects, which include:


Hacking the Census - How we made a Fusion Tables census map

Election Data Without a Database

Ins and Outs of APIs

PLEASE NOTE: This class is intended for people who are comfortable using spreadsheets and are eager to learn more about mapping. This is an ADVANCED BEGINNER class. If you're already well versed in Fusion Tables, this is not the class for you.